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Our mission is simple - To inspire your travels. 

We were founded on the belief that every person is a traveler. Sharing experiences and looking back on the unforgettable memories and stories you create is the ultimate goal. That’s why every Rovence piece is crafted for new experiences.

Travel allows us to connect on a deeper level with ourselves, our companions and new aspects of the world around us. Even our name, Rovence, was inspired by travel (the lavender fields of Provence, France) - and we work its essence into our designs. We use the finest materials to create timeless travel accessories so you can create new stories.



Rovence does not exist to “create new products.” In fact, as you already know, there are many other wallets, watches and travel accessories out there already. We started Rovence to create accessories that allow you to CONNECT with others. Connect with those who share similar interests as you (and us) – travel and the desire to gain new experiences and create new stories together.

As travelers ourselves, we’re extremely passionate about the everlasting positive benefits of travel. We believe the world would be a better place if more people traveled together and we also strongly believe relationships are even deeper after traveling together. Happiness is the foundation for everything we do at Rovence and it’s what we strive for. If we can make your world happier through intimate relationships, friendships and travel inspiration then we have accomplished our main goal - happiness.

Surround yourself with travel inspiration
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Timeless handcrafted travel wallets, premium materials and thoughtful designs #rovence


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